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A different way to look at fabric


“Sometimes words are not enough.
And so we need colors.
And shapes.
And musical notes.
And emotions.”


Camerucci represents an new approach for looking at fabric, texture, and color.



The passion and the fabric

A young and dynamic company capable of passionately confronting the challenges presented by a complex market and constantly evolving, where the master artisan, the fine fabrics, and theexclusive jacquard textures meet in a blaze of colour.
Here the best of Italian design and the ancient Oriental techniques of working with fabrics cometogether, first embroidered by hand and then enriched with unique dyeing techniques.


Quality is key

Camerucci was founded in the 1980s with the aim to offer products of high quality at a fair price.  For many years, the men’s tie was the main protagonist.  Today, the ties are joined by precious scarves, shawls and accessories, carefully created by hand.

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